sabato 29 dicembre 2012

An alternative  BIG BANG Theory arises from Hubble Space Telescope  that Snaps Distant Galaxy.

This galaxy is too much mature, put so near at origin of Universe (the same for some other galaxies discovered recently)...

so it is necessary to think another theory vs Big Bang justify these galaxies so close to origine

We see an Univere isotropic everywhere ... and  so the CBR...  what is it?

might be the residual light radiation  that leave behind it ... each accelerating galaxy when surpass light speed and disappears from our visibility 
(many scientists suppose that invisible Universe- composed of galaxies escaped our observation-  is at 45 billions of LY... beyond CBR at 13,7 billions LY) CBR  is like a " Light Bang" 
Universe might be uniform in eternal trip around us... on an accelerated support (running 76 km/s * MPc... )

So if there was not Big Bang, the Universe  barionic matter springs everywhere by fluctuation of energy of vacuum (I suppose a single  quark in any Km-square at year)  in eternal time.. generating quark, and  when --> galaxies, placed on accelerated support running toward visible  edge of Universe-->CBR that is the horizon's event external at 3 K.

(otherwise matter can disappears fallings in a black hole whit emission of assial light generated  quantum particles not more coupled : note that these are two event horizons - that release same radiation of black body at 3 k).

If this hipothesys is right, we are living in an eternal flowing universe without birth (not more BB) , only so we can watch mature galaxies near new concept of CBR  [ of this is a sort Flowing Universe Stationary Theory = FUS theory  .... damiano schiavo ].

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