sabato 12 gennaio 2013

an alternative new Idea Vs Big Bang Theory

we need of a new theory alternative to BIG BANG ideas, ... this is necessary after new discovery of mature galaxies in deep field Hubble Space Telescope... galaxies too mature to be close so early origin of the big bang

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An alternative CBR BIG BANG Theory from Hubble Space Telescope Snaps Distant Galaxy.
HTS deep field:

This galaxy is too much mature, put so near at origin of Universe in fact in the picture the first star was born at 400 billion after Big Bang,( -->13,3 billions years ago) in that time there was not  galaxy... (the same thing for hundreds of other galaxies ... discovered recently)

it is necessary to think over of ideas colander  of Big Bang..

for example might be that Univere is isotropic in any way in any time... and in this case what means signal of CBR we detect?
might be the residual radiation of any galaxy that leave behind when it surpass light speed (many scientists suppose the edge of invisible extenal Universe is = 45 billions of LY... or more  beyond CBR at only 13,7 billions LY)...
Universe might be uniform in eternal trip around us... on an accelerated support (running 72 km/s * MPc... )
but If there is not Big Bang, how to born the matter? probably it is sorgent everywhere... by fluctuation of energy of vacuum that generates by switch of energy in duo pole matter & anti-matter of barionic elements in eternal time.. generating quark, and after--> galaxies on space placed on accelerated support toward edge of Universe..toward-->CBR that is the horizon's event external at 3 K... and over edge...

(otherwise matter can disappears falling in a black hole : note that these two horizons event - release same kind of radiation: the black body radiation at 3 k).
If this Hipothesys is right, we are living in an eternal flowing universe without birth (BB) , so we can watch mature galaxies near CBR , like this [UNIVERSE STATIONARY, ALWAYS RISING ACCELERATING DISAPPEARS = USA RAD].

Images: Peering Back to the Big Bang & Early Universe
See images, diagrams, and illustrations of the universe as it may have existed in its earliest form.

IMPORTANTTHOUGHT about the Hubble constant: we assume that it is around 72 km / sec * Mpc .
space expands with this speed and carrying the stars and galaxies in the acceleration towards the periphery around us (and so to every other point of relativistic observation) ... fascinating!

Then I asked myself: adding the following sections Mpc ... accelerations are added together (72 + 72 + 72 + n times ...) how much distance the stars transported reach the speed of light? after this overtaking the stars become invisible to us that we are looking at them, because the light they emit is not Put more reach forever ...

Well doing a calculation with a set with H = 71.33 km / sec * MPC, the result is 13, 7 billion light years, surprisingly, it is the distance at which we see the CBR, the radiation is attributed to the Big Bang, HOWEVER, I maintain that it is the outer horizon of events consistent with my theory [UNIVERSE STATIONARY, ALWAYS RISING ACCELERATING DISAPPEARS = USA RAD]

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